Religions For Peace

The “Red Shirt” Campaign

We’re all human. We may come from different backgrounds and have different beliefs, but we’re all humans. It’s that simple.

Yet, politicians and pundits, who prey upon our differences to stoke fears, would have us all believe we are fundamentally divided. This fear can turn into intolerance, and intolerance can lead to violence.

With hate crimes on the rise, communication and understanding are more important than ever. The starting point of any sort of conversation is a question, so we created an animated short that asks our viewers this:

“You wouldn’t judge a person by the color of their t-shirt, so why would you judge someone for their religion?”

Video (social media) The video would be distributed across social media platforms and among popular influencers, so as to increase it’s “shareability” and the likelihood that it might go viral.

The Ambient Campaign

We want our video to inspire people to action so we’re also going to organize a worldwide march against discriminatory policies. After viewers watch the video they can visit our website where they can find a march in their area. On our website, they can also purchase a “red shirt”, so they can match with their fellow marchers. All proceeds from shirt purchase will go towards the Religions For Peace organization.