Channel Marketing in the SaaS, Telematics, and GPS Tracking Industry

In my current role at Spireon, an industry leading GPS and telematics provider, my job is to support a channel marketing ecosystem of over 500 channel partners.

First things first, I should explain what channel marketing is for those of you who may not know. Channel marketing is an important, but somewhat obscure, form of marketing. There are no college courses on channel marketing and there are very few books on the subject matter. There’s not even a consensus in the marketing industry on what we should call the category; some call it “partner marketing”, others refer to it as “local marketing”, “affiliate marketing”, or other terms. Whatever you want to call it, my job boils down to this: to provide our partners with the tools and resources they need to effectively execute sales and marketing activities that will lead to mutual growth and profitability.

“Effectively” is the keyword here. Channel sales can be ridiculously lucrative, but the success of any channel program hinges on the effectiveness of your partners. However, enabling your partners to effectively bring your product to market is easier said than done when you’re dealing with different organizations of varying business models, marketing capacities, and sales teams.

How did my two-person marketing team overcome these odds? We developed scalable, turn-key marketing campaigns for our channel partners that were tailored to each stage in the buyer’s journey. By leveraging easily repeatable marketing programs we were able to support the needs of hundreds of channel partners, no matter the size of their organization, marketing departments, or sales forces.

As the adage goes, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach channel partners how to execute scalable demand generation programs and they feed growth into your pipeline for a lifetime”.

These are some of the marketing assets and sales collateral I’ve created for our channel partners.

Thought Leadership Content

In the transportation industry where profit margins are razor-thin and federal regulations are constantly changing, business leaders are constantly looking for insights on how to improve their operation and remain compliant with the law. For this reason, it’s critical to provide credible, thought leadership content if you want to make a meaningful connection with these buyers. We packaged all of our educational content into a single bill of materials so that our partners could deliver an integrated set of learning assets to their prospects wherever they were at in the learning phase. To view the full PDFs and even more samples of my work, check out my thought leadership content page.

Verticalized Assets

In order to help our partners penetrate more markets, we created verticalized materials for the fleet and trailer industry. To view the full PDFs and even more samples of my work, check out my thought leadership content page.

To-Partner Marketing

We created this partner prospectus guide as tool to recruit reseller partners for GoldStar, our GPS solution designed for Buy Here Pay Here dealers. Backed by industry statistics, this prospects makes the case for the market opportunity our solution provides in a compelling and eye-catching manner.

Sales Collateral