The “Fingers” Campaign

The last time you got a scrape did you say “hey, hand me an adhesive bandage”?

Probably not, and there’s a reason for that.

Ever since its invention in 1920, Band-Aid has been a household name. While that kind of brand equity is nice, there aren’t any remarkable differences between bandages, so why would customers pay more for the Band-Aid brand name?

The answer is trust.

Research showed that Band-Aid was the number one trusted brand among parents.

Instead of focusing on product attributes, we wanted to focus on those little moments that inspire trust between the parents and us.

So we created a billboard and metro campaign that countdown all the reasons why parents should choose Band-Aid brand.

The OOH Campaign

OOH (billboard) A series of five consecutive billboards would count down all the reasons why Band-Aid is the number one trusted brand.

The Ambient Campaign

Ambient (METRO)
For our transit campaign, hundreds of posters are plastered against the wall in order to simulate a flipbook effect. When the metro speed past them, it will look like an animation of a hand counting down from 5 to 1.